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Let's start from the beginning...

Updated: Sep 10, 2018

Hey! My name is Rachael & I'm a coffee addict. I am also a wife to a wonderful man, named Charlie & we have two incredible kiddos, Lily & Owen. Of course, I cannot forget about our first baby, Lady (woof, woof).

So, many of you are probably wondering how I got started with this all... I bet some are even laughing & thinking, "Is this really a real profession?" While I would love to say this was all my own master plan, I really do have to hand it to my amazing hubby for giving me the push & constantly nagging me to do something with my "talents."

We bought a new home this summer that involved major renovations (we will get into that later on) & I just couldn't wait for things to be completed so that I could get in & decorate! Collage walls seem to really be my thing & in every house we have had, we have put up at least two walls full of family photos. Over the years, friends have always requested my help with putting up photos & helping with placements of their decor around the house. Never would I have thought that I would turn my secret passion into a career.

Since I was a little girl, I have always been a clean freak! I blame this on my mother, BUT I can definitely say I have learnt all my skills from the best. I used to "play" with my Barbies by unpacking them, lining them all up, sorting their clothes & then pack everything back up again all organized in their specific spot. My best friend, Selynne, still talks about how I wouldn't even allow her to sit on my bed... God for bid she would make the blanket wrinkle & when she would put her slumber gear on the floor, I would hang it all up and tidy up behind her. OCD much?

The truth is, I thought I was always going to be this perfect housewife that I see in movies & be a stay at home mum that had the most beautiful & clean home, baked apple pies & fresh sugar cookies & always had dinner ready on the table by 5pm but reality is, our life is plain & utter chaos. Over the past 3.5 years, I have raised my kids & poured 100% of myself into my family but after my son turned ONE, I realized that I needed something for me to work towards & have something to call my own outside of being a wife & mother. I want to work towards something that can fill my time mostly when they are starting school because we all know, I cannot spend all my time at Homesense & Michaels. Don't get me wrong, I love being at home all day with my kids, it is time I will never regret & I will continue until they are in school but somedays, I do feel like I need a different routine & I am sure my kids do too.

While I am still very green at all of this & scheduling can be a bit of a juggle, I am excited to see where this new journey will take me & my family.

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